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You have come to the site about cosplay. About part of it that usually remains behind of a scene, bright flashes of cameras and enthusiastic exclamations of friends, fans and familiar. But, despite of it obscurity from all of the fans, this part is the most creative.

As you can guess this site is basically about creation of a cosplay. I think, many beginners often ask a questions «Where do I get this patterns? », «How can I make this sword? ». On this site many of them will find the answers. Here I will try, as it possible to describe process of making all of that things.

In due course the site will acquire more new articles. And I hope that it becomes both the excellent grant for beginners, and an interesting source of the information for those who is fond cosplay for a long time.

If you had a desire to place here the articles or photos offers you can write directly in the guest book or to my e-mail.